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Sell My Home Quick

Put simply, it's what we do!

We buy any property

and help people move on with their lives.

✓ Completion date to fit around you

✓ A definite sale offer to make you smile

✓ No Sale Chain, means no delay

✓ We can stop your repossession

We offer a free valuation for your property with no obligation.

How We Compare

How we compare? Hopefully we can answer that question here for you; when you look at estate agents and other property buyers there are many factors you need to take into account, you should consider the time scale, costs and the actual type of sale.

The fact is selling your property through an estate agent on the open market usually results in a higher sale price. However, they do not offer any guarantee in terms of timeframe. Did you know that 50% of properties put on the open market via an estate agent fail to sell at the original asking sale price? We’ve experienced this using many estate agents in the past, an average of 1 in 4 sales fall through too.

We can offer to buy your property at full market value – but how do we do that? Well there is a way provided you do not need any funds from your current home now and you allow us to buy the property within a mutually agreed period of time, then a sale can go ahead, this allows you to move on. So if your home is sticking on the open market give us a call to find out more. 

Common questions people ask themselves?

Has my home been on the open market for far longer than originally suggested?
Has my property been over valued or poorly marketed?
Has my estate agent shown a half-soaked attitude and apparent inability to promote interest in my property? 

The following points will show you how we compare against other home buyers and estate agents:

1. There is no sale chain with us, meaning no unnecessary delays.
2. You receive a firm offer which means a definite property sale.
3. A sales completion much sooner means you have no extra mortgage payments to find. 

Here are some familiar comments we hear quite often from vendors:

“Our incoming buyers’ offer has been drastically reduced shortly before completion.”
“The chain has broken down and the buyers have changed their minds, pulling out of purchasing our property.”
“Our sale has taken six to nine months and we were told a large proportion of properties never sell at all!”
“We’ve had constant viewings and had many times where we have had to make our house tidy for those viewings.”
“We have been faced with months of hassle, haggling and heart ache.”

Please note: Any offers made are customer or property specific and will vary. The valuation you can achieve for the sale of your property will depend on a number of variables, these include property type, condition, location, as well as your time scales and your financial position.

Remember we can offer you a free, no obligation quote, as well as provide you with a variety of alternative solutions you may wish to consider.

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