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Property tips, trends and insights for home owners and sellers.

Quick Property Sale videos

Welcome to another of our Quick Property Sale videos

Welcome to another of our Quick Property Sale videos. A little light-hearted fun and humour can help with life’s ups and downs, especially when your home is not selling and you are trying to move on to your new location. We totally get it, talking to a complete stranger about selling your property can feel… ...
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Are you facing Repossession?

Facing Repossession? How does the procedure work – Explained

Everyone dreads the thought of repossession. It’s a nightmare no homeowner with a mortgage wishes to experience, not even those reading this Quick Property Sale guide. Facing Repossession? how does the procedure work? we explain this in more detail below. Nevertheless, clench your teeth and keep reading because this is crucial information. Let’s find out… ...
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Quick Property Sale UK -Our Newsroom

Quick Property Sale UK – Our Newsroom

Quick Property Sale UK – Our Newsroom. Do you like our video? – they say humour alleviates worry, that’s why we’ve recruited a new team member, called ‘Alex’, to read our latest news bulletins for us. On a serious note, there are many ‘cash for your house’ companies around who say they can buy your… ...
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Quick Property Sale ease & simplicity of our service

Quick Property Sale’ ease and simplicity of our service:

How easy is it to telephone a complete stranger and tell them about your situation? We totally agree – it’s difficult, but dialling a telephone number is simple - we all do it most days of our life – so give us a call and talk to us, even if you are nervous at the… ...
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Downsizing - a few need to knows

Downsizing – a few need to knows

Are you wondering what is downsizing? In layman terms, it is making something smaller. This term can be interpreted into many meanings, such as downsizing a company. But, here, in this Quick Property Sale article, we will be using this in the context of moving to a smaller house. Downsizing is not as uncommon as… ...
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Your next home viewing checklist

Your next home viewing checklist

So, you’re looking to buy a new home – exciting ...
Effective home staging tips and tricks to use

Effective home staging tips and tricks: preparing your house for sale

Selling your house can be quite the feat, but what ...
burglar breaking into a property

Protect your home from burglars

In our Quick Property Sale series of topical blog subjects, ...
chain breaking disrupting property sales

Our guide to avoiding property chains

Are you thinking about buying or selling a house? Well, ...
FAQ's - frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions – From a third party opinion and perspective

In this delicate episode we wish to give a bystander’s ...

Please note: Any offers made are customer or property specific and will vary. The valuation you can achieve for the sale of your property will depend on a number of variables, these include property type, condition, location, as well as your time scales and your financial position.

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