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It’s about feeling fuzzy helping people

by | Feb 28, 2023 | Blog Bits | 0 comments

Another week’s gone and here we go placing finger to keyboard to compose a new blog (called ‘It’s about feeling fuzzy helping people’), I wish I could type as quick as the wife. Can you believe she can type 82 words in sixty seconds, it’s almost a contender for a Guinness Book of Record’s entry. Now let’s start with this blog, as it is back to the grind stone for me. 

In this next ‘Blog Bits’ instalment we show off a little modesty and highlight a small selection of our testimonials from the past. Here at Quick Property Sale, also sometimes affectionately known as QPS, we have been making people happy, like you, to overcome problems – no matter how minute they are.

Did you know that this forecast, as suggested by Mortgage Solutions early last year,  “home repossessions to leap more than ten-fold by 2022” is surprisingly, fairly accurate, as indicated by the ‘Repossessed House for Sale’ company. Remedying repossessions is not our only help tool available to you; we can resolve most of your property related problems. With a listening ear we like to understand what the hiccup is and then apply an antidote.  Please feel free to browse these reviews below and make up your own mind:    

These chaps know their stuff and helped me to pay my debts (with their own money!), while sorting out all of my messy arrears. A BIG THANK YOU so much for the money you gave me to start a new life. Xx

Sarah G, Billesley, B’ham.


To Doug & Paul

We would like to thank you for your help in renting out our property and also the help you gave us in selling our house.

You are both reliable and trustworthy and nothing was too much trouble.

Yours faithfully

Mr & Mrs Badger, Kidderminster, Worc’s.


This is a thank you letter for helping me with my property. I could no longer afford to pay my mortgage and my health was deteriorating and I could no longer cope with a big house. You came to see me after me contacting you. You were very friendly and helpful and explained everything. I have lived in the house for 27 years and you enabled me to walk away with a clear conscious and be debt free. If it was not for you I would have been repossessed and would still have had to pay back a lot of the money, but now I am settled and contented in my new home. Thank you once again to all of the team for helping me with a happier future.

Yours sincerely,

Mr and Mrs De-Maurie, Rubery, Birmingham.


Dear Doug,

I wanted to give you a testimonial following the way you have dealt with me and the management of Golden Cross Lane.

Doug has dealt with everything professionally and promptly, leaving me with nothing to have any concerns over and even more importantly, nothing to do.

All aspects including the financial matters, maintenance and everything that was agreed from the start have been covered.

I would, without any doubt or question, recommend Doug Hedley, should you be looking for assistance with the renting of and management of your property/properties. From my experience you won’t be disappointed.

P Haynes, Worc’s.


And to close

Quite understandably, a few clients do not wish to have their personal details and situations staged on the internet, we totally respect this and always will, BUT, can you relate to any of the above scenarios yourself?  If you are having any difficulties please do not hesitate to give us a shout, no matter how loud, maybe we can help you – it is worth a try. 

Using a property for quick sale or quick sales property company to sell your house could get you a fresh start in life and that’s where we get that ‘fuzzy’ feeling from helping people. ☺ 


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